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[UL|CSA] CSA C22.2 No. 21-14延长线和电源线标准有更新

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CSA C22.2 No. 21-14 Ninth Edition, Cord sets and power-supply cords标准更新:感谢安规仪器网论坛会员提供资料。安规仪器网提供下载链接:



与之前的版本相比较,C22.2 No. 21-14标准

重新整理了标准,对于不同类型(功能)的延长线,在标准里面有了单独的章节,包括适用标准CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60320-1的连接器。
新增以前C22.2 No.21-95(R2009)引用其他标准的要求。

附件2是标准变更部分的概述, 供您参考.
C22.2 No. 21-14标准替代之前的C22.2 No.21-95(R2009)版本并整合了Technical Information Letter (TIL)CSA A-29A,季节性室内室外用的延长线的过渡认证要求。随着C22.2 No. 21-14标准的发布, TIL CSA A-29A将被撤回视作无效。

Affected Class Numbers
Class No:  
5841 01, CORD SETS - General-use Extension Cord Sets
5841 02, CORD SETS - Heater Cord Sets
5841 03, CORD SETS - Special-use Cord Sets
5841 04, CORD SETS - Power Supply Cords (Replacement Type)
5842 01, CORD SETS - Miscellaneous Cord Sets
5842 02, CORD SETS - Power Supply Cords
5842 03, CORD SETS - Custom Power Supply Cords
5842 04, CORD SETS - Power Supply Cord Kits
5842 05, CORD SETS - Multiple Receptacle Extension Boxes
5842 06, CORD SETS - Cord Reels
5842 07, CORD SETS - Seasonal Use Cord Sets
5842 81, CORD SETS - Miscellaneous Cord Sets - Certified to US Standards
6242 08, WIRING SYSTEMS AND ACCESSORIES - Furniture Power Distribution Units

Major Revisions
Major Differences Between C22.2 No. 21-14 and C22.2 No. 21-95 (R2004)

Clause  Summary of Change  References to configurations of IEC CAN/CSA-60320-1, IEC 60320-2-2, were added
5.1.3  Addition of new requirements for accessibility of live parts
5.1.6  New requirements for terminal identification and positioning of earthing, line and neutral contacts added
5.1.7; 7.1.7; 7.1.8  New tests added for outdoor use fittings (Weather Resistance, Crushing & Impact)  Hospital grade attachment plugs may be 1-15P and are not limited to power supply cords only  Depth of cavity test added for 1-15R cord connectors  Requirements for closure of openings for cord connectors added
5.3.2  Holes, indentions and projections reduced from 10mm to 9.5mm
5.3.5  New test for cord connectors for outdoor use -  Adhesion Test  Requirements for pendant and through cord switches have been added  New marking requirement added for supplementary protectors
5.4.4  New requirements added for outdoor use switches
5.4.5  New requirements for Current Taps and pendant switches added
5.4.6   New requirements for Through-cord heating–pad switches
5.4.8  New requirements added for overcurrent protection
5.4.9  New temperature test requirements added for cord restraint devices  New requirements power supply cord for toy transformer or electric toy  
6.1.4   Revised Length and ampacity tables 2, 3 and 4
6.1.5  Revised Lengths Table 5, 6.minor changes
6.1.6    Revisions to ratings not a file review item
6.1.7  New requirements for power supply cords packaged individually.  Marking requirements per 8.12.   
6.2.3  New requirement for A special-use power-supply cord intended for use with a toy transformer or electric toy
6.2.4  New requirements for A special-use power-supply cord intended to be woven in the lings of a chain-suspended portable lamp
6.3 & 6.4  New requirements for power supply cords for RV’s and mobile homes  Added new section for cold usage cord sets.  This test is in addition to the already outdoor usage cord set of minimum -20C  Minimum switch ratings added for through cord switches and pendant switches  Outdoor use size added 18AWG (smaller)  Add minimum length requirements for outdoor use extension cord-sets 1.8m
6.8  Added requirements for Adapter cord sets  Added reference to 60320 products for special use cord sets  Connector may be lower rating than the plug for special use cord sets (Clarification)
6.10  Separated out section specific for Vacuum cleaners and floor-finishing machines
6.11  Separate section for RV cord sets minimum length 7M
6.12  Hospital grade cord sets minimum length requirement 4.6M
6.16  New section for Appliances rated 50W or less (i.e. shaver cord sets)
6.17  New type of replacement special use cord set with nonstandard polarization
7.1.3  Strain Relief:  Added the use of a tensile machine - .7  Added additional testing for through cord switches and assemblies
7.1.5  Added Insulation Resistance test
7.1.7  Crush Test now added into this standard instead of reference to C22.2 no 42
7.1.8  Increase impact test for all fittings to 1000 cycles
7.1.10  Jacket Retention test:  Same as Abrupt pull test but with torsion added
7.1.11   New Adhesion test (Visual exam after bending)  New Temperature test for Adapter cord set joints
7.3.3  New Test “Push Back Force” for range and dryer cords
7.4.1  New Test for cord connectors “Depth of Cavity test”
7.4.10  New Closure of openings test (Ref:
7.6.1  New Tests added for Overcurrent protective devices
7.9  Added Test for Permanence of warning tag (indoor, outdoor, oil…)
8  Marking changes added tags etc.
Table 1  NEW:  Types of flexible cord, cable, and wire for power-supply cords and cord
sets:  Adds clarity
Table 2  Amperage similar but conflicts with Clause (Committee to fix)
Table 3  NEW:  Circuit-conductor ampacity and voltage rating for braid-covered cords in general-use cord sets and power-supply cords
Table 4  NEW:  Circuit-conductor ampacity and voltage rating for jacketed cords in extension cord sets and power-supply cords
Table 5  NEW:  Circuit-conductor ampacity and voltage rating for braidless parallel cord in general-use cord sets and power-supply cords
Table 6  NEW:  Smallest acceptable conductor size with respect to fittings used on outdoor-use cord sets and outdoor-use power-supply cords
Table 7  NEW:  Sizes and number of conductors in recreational-vehicle power-supply
Table 9  NEW:  Diameter of locknut
Table 10  NEW:  Flexible cord for general-use cord sets
Table 11  NEW:  Ratings of cord sets 125-V, 2-pole, 2-wire, and 2-pole, 3-wire
Table 12  NEW:  Ratings of cord sets 250-V, 2-pole, 3-wire
Table 13  NEW:  Ratings of cord sets 277-V, 2-pole, 3-wire
Table 14  NEW:  Ratings of cord sets 125/250-V, 3-pole, 4-wire
Table 15  NEW:  Ratings of cord sets 250-V, 3-pole, 4-wire, 3-phase delta
Table 16  NEW:  Adapter cord set fittings and cord length
Table 17  NEW:  Fittings and cord length for adapter cord sets employing in-line outlets
Table 18  NEW:  Pins of appliance and flatiron plugs
Table 19  NEW:  Contacts
Table20   New:  Range and dryer power-supply cords
Table 21  NEW:  Oven temperatures for aging test for range and dryer strain relief
Table 22  NEW:  Test gauge configurations for conditioning
Table 23  NEW:  Test gauge configurations for retention testing
Table 24  NEW:  Test gauge configurations for withdrawal testing
Table 25  NEW:  Mating plug configurations for overload testing
Table 26  NEW:  Mating plug configurations for temperature testing
Figure 1  NEW:  Added Articulate probe with web stop
Figure 2  New:  Grounding pin profiles
Figure 4  New:  Male fitting face dimensions
Figure 5  NEW:  Blade construction of 2-pole, 2-wire attachment plug
Figure 6  NEW:  Female plug face dimensions   
Figure 7  NEW:  Depth of cavity gauge
Figure 8  NEW:  Faces of outlet devices showing smallest acceptable obstructions
Figure 9  NEW:  Outdoor-use cord set and 3-outlet cord connector
Figure 10  NEW:  Cord set and power-supply cord length measurement
Figure 11  NEW:  Minimum insulation thicknesses for appliance wiring material used in a chain suspended lamp
Figure 13  NEW:  Single to single configuration   
Figure 14  NEW:  Multiple outlets with no joints
Figure 15  NEW:  Multiple single outlets with joints
Figure 16  NEW:  Adapter cord sets employing in-line outlets
Figure 17  New:  Torque testing equipment
Figure 30  New:  Water-spray-head piping
Figure 35  NEW:  Example of marking required in Clause 8.15.5
Annex A (Normative)  NEW:  Added a component standards reference list
Annex B (Normative)  NEW:  Added illustrative definitions of various cord set types
Annex D (Normative)  NEW:  Added requirements for cord reels and power bars, including requirements that were previously in withdrawn TILs A-16, A-24, and B-52
Note:  The standard CSA C22.2 No. 12 referenced in Clause D., has been superseded by CSA C22.2 No. 250.4-14 Annex E (Normative)  NEW:  Added requirements for seasonal use cord sets from TIL A-29A.  TIL A-29A will now be withdrawn .


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